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ahoy, old recruits and new!

it's time to get ready for our first meeting of the year! we'll be meeting this tuesday, september 18th at 10 pm in the geen room [that's just across from the pearlstone cafeteria, for you freshmen], to talk about the renaissance festival and more. this meeting will be extremely important for those who want to come to faire, as we'll be collecting the money we need to preorder your tickets and assembling lists of drivers. some important things to note:

-- if you plan on going to faire on the 23rd and you don't want to stand in line for excessive periods of time and pay full price, you must bring your pre-payment of $13, or we will not be pre-ordering your ticket

-- those who pre-order will get preference for spots in cars, so if you want to be sure you have transportation, be sure you are there to pre-pay. it saves you $5 off of the individual price, anyway [all good pirates hoard their gold].

-- if you know anyone who would like to go to faire, please bring them along. that goes double for anyone who would be willing to drive [you will be reimbursed for gas if you help drive club members].

at tuesday's meeting we will also be discussing details about faire itself and the club's plans for the semester and year. please bear with us, as the orginizational aspects might take a little while. like I said, it's all extremely important. as for the rest, bring your sense of adventure and your good ideas!

see you all tuesday!

-- your humble scrivener/cartographer/secretary, Rachel
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