Rachel (insanexflame) wrote in goucher_pyrates,

Things for this Week

Ahoy, Pirates!

for those of you who haven't guessed, there will be no meeting this week. dorms close at 10 pm, and we meet at 10 pm, and so the combination seems unfavorable.

the next date for which we have Geen reserved is tuesday, december 4th. this should also be the last meeting of the year, which means we have two important things to address.

first, Alyse, our diligent SGA Rep, has been working really hard this semester but would really appreciate having a sort of partner SGA Rep to go to every other meeting. by splitting up the time commitment, I think everyone will have an easier time of things, and this is a great way to get involved.

second, I am going abroad next semester, which means your crew is about to be short one member. we'll be holding elections at the meeting on december 4th for the position of scrivener/cartographer/secretary, so consider if you'd like to run, and even if you wouldn't, please show up to the meeting and vote!

let Jon, Lura, Nate and I know if you're interested in either position before the 4th!

and with that, I'm out. have a great thanksgiving!

-- your scrivener/cartographer/secretary [for now], Rachel
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